Albuquerque Reunion at Ground-Zero

New Mexico put her best foot forward welcoming 30 RAFBHA members, providing incredible historic venues, world-class entertainment, military history shaping the world, and strong friendship bonds.

New Board members Joyce Lanier and Roger Hulslander were elected at the annual membership meeting, along with holdover Chris Talkington, who returns as President.  We pay homage to the solid work and guidance provided by outgoing Board members Fred Mischke and Bob Matheson.

The schedule of activities kept everyone hopping, beginning with a tour of Veteran’s Memorial Park, a tour of the National Atomic & Science Museum and perusal of the Ernie Pyle Library, all the first day.  Next came the emotional Bataan Memorial Park followed by a guided tour of the Anderson-Abruzzo Balloon Museum.  The third day saw a tour of the Los Alamos-Ray Bradbury Museum, where most of the U.S.’s nuclear programming was preserved.  Then, a tour of the “Black Hole” junk yard, where 50 years of military junk was for sale by the pound!  And of course shopping.

The last day celebrated Founder’s Day, with Indian, Spanish and Mexican music highlighting Albuquerque’s 306th birthday.  Even met the second remaining WWII Navaho Code Talker. That evening nuclear physicist Duan Hughes keynoted our banquet with Manhatten Project’s atomic bomb project.  What a memorable reunion, complete with the most convivial group this writer has experienced at a RAFBHA reunion.  Can’t wait until Puerto Rico in March-April of 2013!