The Ramey Air Force Base Historical Association (RAFBHA)

was established in 1997 as a 501(c)(3) tax free, nonprofit corporation

pursuant the laws of the United States of America and the

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.



The mission of the Association is to preserve and promote

the history of Borinquen Field/Ramey Air Force Base (AFB)

as it existed during its years of operation of 1939-1973.

The RAFBHA operates solely on donations.

The Association’s Board Members and the Museum Staff are proud to be volunteers.


The mission of keeping the history of Ramey alive runs deep. The museum we have  established on the former base grounds not only serves as a repository of historical information but also serves as an educational center for schools, universities, historians and many community/civic/governmental organizations. Exhibits include images, documents, memorabilia, personal stories and more.

It is of vital importance that future generations comprehend the historical events and personal sacrifices which allow our country to enjoy all of the freedoms that liberty provides. Borinquen Field/Ramey Air Force Base was among the many military installations dedicated to accomplish this mission.


Our Association will insure the history of Borinquen Field/Ramey Air Force Base will be available for other generations to enjoy and appreciate.


With your help, we will continue our mission.


We call on all who are interested in keeping the history of Ramey AFB alive to join the

Association as a MEMBER.

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Whether joining the RAFBHA as a Friend of Ramey, donating in exchange for some “Rameyware,” donating to a project or simply donating for the overall mission, there is no such thing as a small contribution.



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