Museum Collection

The Borinquen Field/Ramey AFB Museum just acquired a photo album which holds an extraordinary significance in the history of the base. The album belonged to Pvt. R.M. Lahti of the 25th Bombardment Group. The 25th was the first Group to be stationed at Borinquen Field in 1939. Airman Lahti documents in photographs, not only the […]

B-29 Taking Off From Borinquen Field, 1945

This pictures comes from the Borinquen Field-Ramey AFB Museum courtesy of Museum Director, Ricardo Busquets.   Ricardo and I are going to start working on the history section of the web site.  Stayed tuned because there will be many excellent photographs posted, just like this one….

President Lyndon Johnson Visits Ramey Air Force Base, 1968

Another presidential moment in Ramey AFB history.  President Lyndon Johnson visits the base in 1968. This photo was posted by Orlando Gallardo Jr. on the Ramey AFB Facebook page with the following caption: President Johnson with his grandson Patrick Lyndon Nugent having just arrived at Ramey AFB a little after 5:10pm AST, 3 March 1968 […]

President Eisenhower visits Ramey AFB 1960

Many, many thanks goes to Orlando Gallardo Jr. Orlando is a frequent contributor to the Ramey AFB Facebook site and the material he shares is just amazing.  If you use Facebook and have not visited the Ramey site, I encourage you to do so.  The link to the site is Ramey Air Force Base Facebook […]

Ramey Air Force Base 1966

Picture from 1966 shared by member Ken Hill. This is a great picture of the Ramey Air Force Base and Flight Line. The top left corner is the Alert Area, B-52′s and KC-135′s