Hurricane Earl

Hurricane Earl paid a visit to Puerto Rico.   Fortunately the damage was not too severe and was kept mostly to the east end of the island.   Here is some footage taken from YouTube. I received an email from our Ramey friend, Gerry Giles, who lives in Puerto Rico that he and Miriam weathered […]

B-17 Flying Fortress Comes to Elkhart Indiana

I could not have lived with myself if I had passed up on this opportunity. The B-17, a flying museum, literally right in my own backyard. Honestly, a few years ago I would have passed on this and not have thought too much about it. But because of Ramey, I have discovered a new love […]

The B-52 & What She Means

Bob Matheson shared this presentation.  The pictures and graphics are incredible and too good not to post to this blog for everyone to enjoy. Stratofortress Thanks for sharing Bob!


If you visit the Ramey site, you see there is a slideshow running on the home page.  Because I’m still living in awe of digital technology and don’t understand most of it, you see there are no names or titles on the pictures.  So out of respect for those who dug into their shoebox of […]

Welcome all Followers of Ramey AFB!

Welcome to the first official Ramey blog post!  Be advised that blogging is something new to this Rameyite and so expect some bumps along the way.  It is my hope that in time this blog will prove to be a valuable tool in keeping members and followers of Ramey informed of some of the latest […]