President Kennedy

I was still on Isabela Avenue and on my way to the flightline when the Ramey radio station reported that President Kennedy had been shot while visiting Dallas, Texas.  The situation was tense when I arrived at Gate 5. If you were stationed at Ramey AFB that day, what where you doing when you heard the news?

Honking Horns

  Those calling the Isabela vicinity home may recall the horn honking patterns—so many toots and so many spaces identified individual drivers. We lived almost across the street from Juan Mendez, a house or two north.  We hadn’t been there many days before I became aware of a correlation between cars and the honks—an audio ID, so to speak.  It wasn’t […]

The Old Blue Nash

  1950 nash ambassador 400 x 300 | 16.6 KB | I wonder who recalls the old blue Nash, the upturned bathtub?   It was brought to the island as a relatively new automobile, or so I heard.  During my tour it changed ownership a few times.  If my memory serves me well, the […]

The Publico (revisited)

I think it was early in 1965 that our radio/radar shop in the 72nd A&E Squadron took a big hit because of the war in Southeast Asia.  With no warning the number of authorized personal in our section was reduced from 34 to 19.  As a result, my hours on the flightline increased substantially.  Because Barb didn’t drive, she always […]

The Publico

Anyone who has traveled outside the parameter of Ramey has encountered a publico.  Barb and I did.  Many times.  We even relied on them.  More often than not it was a treacherous experience. One morning a publico passed us as we were driving to San Juan.  The driver was in a great rush.  Soon we caught up to […]