Casino Baby

We had a Saturday walk-in at the Museum. A stateside couple, the Mahony family, were vacationing at the Island.

We can usually tell when someone visiting the Museum had been stationed at Ramey before. They usually have an aura of anticipation as they enter the facilities. Gretchen Mahoney not only had that glow but seemed to have an extra glean in her eye.

As they finished their tour of the Museum we answered some of their questions and had a few of our own.


Wouldn’t you know it, Gretchen is a Casino Baby. We gladly informed her she had just become a member of the “Casino Baby Club”.

Being quite puzzled about this “club” we explained   what the casino baby’s were all about. Gretchen found this to be quite enjoyable and her husband couldn’t contain his, let’s say, amusement (laughter).


Gretchen will be receiving her Casino Baby Certificate in the mail. She intends to follow all things Ramey thru our website and Facebook page.