Christmas at Ramey Air Force Base

Happy Holidays to all my RAFBHA friends. 

I thought it would be interesting to see if I can get some of you who served at Ramey Air Force Base to comment on what it was like for you to be away from home during the holiday season.

I asked my husband what it was like for him.  He said he would go to the base chapel on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas what he seems to remember the most is the food.  The food he said was extra special, not the standard fair.  Then he would go back to the chapel for a Christmas service.  I asked him if he was ever able to travel home for the holidays and he said never.  “The base had to be covered at all times, regardless of the holidays.”  I then asked if he was ever able to call home and that too was a no.  This was in the early 50′s and a call to his mother and father in Michigan was simply too expensive.

If you have special memories of the holidays spent at Ramey Air Force Base and wish to share them, just fill in the comment section below.  This will create a message thread others can view and also leave their comments.

To all my Ramey friends, Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2012