First School Visit to BQN FIELD/RAMEY AFB Museum

Field trip to Borinquen Field/Ramey AFB Museum

The main reason for the Museum existence is to create an awareness of Borinquen Field – Ramey AFB place in history.


Museum Associate Director, Jorge Gonzalez, answers questions about the B-29 wreck off Ramey AFB

Bringing future generations to the Museum is a sure way to continue the “Spirit of Ramey”.


Hurricane Hunter uniform, anyone…


Teachers and students all had a blast. Even the bus driver, guy with the white mustache, had a good time. He mentioned we had something special and would pass the word about the Museum.

 All mission narratives and photograph captions are in English and Spanish for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for the Museum section of the RAFBHA website. Guaranteed to blow your socks off !!!