Meet the Ramey AFB Museum Staff


Meet the Ramey Air Force Base Historical  Museum volunteers.

Thanks to this crew the Museum has been able to press forward continuously. At times we’re not all available on Saturday’s or for every Museum activity. One thing for sure though, they give 110% when they’re available and have a good time in the process.

From left to right, ladies first, Ivy, Iris and Eileen. Back row, left to right; Jorge, Angel, Pete, Alexis and you guessed it Ricardo.

If you notice the crew is wearing new “polos”. These we donated to the Museum Staff by our new merchandise supplier named “Toppers”. We thank them for their donation.

There are a couple of “Museum regulars” which are thinking about being part of the crew. They’re just about always there every Saturday. Let’s see if we can get them a couple of  donated Polos.