Pictures of Ramey AFB Puerto Rico

Doug Kurkoski has posted some wonderful pictures of Ramey on Flickr.  Doug shared with me the following:

“I was stationed at Ramey as a SSGT in the Base Budget Office in 1972-73.Some of the photos are ones that I took myself, but many of them are from a slideshow that the First Sergeant (MSGT Dick Drake) of the CAMS (Aircraft Maintenance Squadron) used to orient newcomers to the base. He gave them to me as souvenirs when I left as the base was closing in 1973. If I turn up any more photos, I will post them as well.  My purpose in posting these photos on Flickr was to make them available to anyone who might be interested, and your setting up a link to them will be very helpful in doing just that. So far I have received 440 hits on that set of photos, so I know that there definitely are people out there who are interested.”

I’m certain anyone viewing this post will appreciate these photos.  The photos are bright, colorful and labeled.  For anyone who served at Ramey, these photos will be a trip down memory lane.

Thank you Doug for keeping the memories of Ramey alive.

Ramey AFB Puerto Rico