Puerto Rico Emergency Response Team


The Puerto Rico Emergency Response Team and Cadets visited the Museum facilities


The PRERT is an all volunteer organization whose mission is to provide real time support during weather emergency situations


As a matter of fact FEMA and Governmental Organizations depend on the PRERT for initial situation reports so action can be taken in the most affected areas


In order to be part of the PRERT you must be 18 years old and preferably have some emergency related training background. They will train new volunteers but their need is for experienced boots on the ground. This need has led them to establish a “Cadet Program” which targets young men and women between the ages of 15-17 years young


The training program, for these “underage” Cadets, specializes in water rescue, communications and perimeter control. They also receive real time training as they assist in emergency situations.  When the cadets turn 18 they can hit the ground running and become part of a team which so many organizations have come to depend on


It didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand these Cadets would be welcomed at USCG Air Station Borinquen and welcomed they were


They were given many pointers on how to successfully achieve their mission


They were also given pointers in how to minimize risk to their own lives


The visit we arranged and the acknowledgment given by the Station led the Cadets to stand a little bit taller and full mission focused


We are always satisfied in giving something back to youngsters who take their time to make a difference


A great thanks to the men and women of Air Station Borinquen who volunteer their day off to recognize the so many groups we have arranged a visit for. Sometimes I wonder if they train for picture taking ???!!!???


We also gotta give a great thanks to the Museum Volunteers for always being there


There are so many parents involved in keeping their kids positively involved with the community


The Museum facilities will always be available for all those who care and want to be involved


Good to know the Puerto Rico Emergency Response Team will be there when needed