The old Ramey AFB Air Traffic Control Tower is being refurbished to modern standards by the Puerto Rico Port Authority.  A modern ATC Tower is a prerequisite for European cargo and passenger carriers to conduct business with the Rafael Hernandez International Airport.

The RAFBHA was able to negotiate the donation of the Ramey AFB ATC “Cold War” Tower for the Associations Borinquen Field/Ramey AFB Museum.

Notice to rescue the Tower was unexpected. Time to coordinate the salvage of the Tower was short and challenging to say the least. All occurring during the Associations 2013 Reunion to boot.  The Tower and its history are now safe and sound for future generations to understand.

A special thanks to the Puerto Rico Port Authority and CapCom (Construction Company) for a genuine coordinated effort to donate/transfer the Tower to the RAFBHA.  Without doubt a meritorious well done to the RAFBHA Board Members for an immediate, on the fly, action to save the Ramey AFB ATC Tower.

Follow the link below to view a slideshow of the Tower “rescue”.