Ramey AFB Tour-ist Certificate

The RAFBHA received an e-mail from Mr. Pat Donnelly. The message was received thru our website and forwarded to the Museum by our webmaster and RAFBHA Board Secretary Lori Mischke.

Pat wanted to donate his father’s pieces of history to the Museum. Pat’s father, SMSGT Brian J. Donnelly, was stationed at Ramey AFB from 1964 until 1967. Among his many assignments, before being stationed at Ramey, was photographing “Operation Crossroads” at the Bikini Atoll.

SMSGT Donnelly has passed away but his son continues to honor his father’s service to his country. The RAFBHA and the Museum Staff are pleased to carry on his legacy.

These are a few of the items being donated by Pat. We will continue to post SMSGT Donnelly’s items as they continue to arrive.


The Museum continues to grow thanks to all the individual donations being sent to us.  We thank you for continuing to support the Borinquen Field – Ramey AFB Museum.