Ramey ATC Tower Cab Update

The Museum crew has begun prep work on the Ramey ATC Tower Cab.

a-01-5x7_DSC3826-494x352 b-02-5x7_DSC3840-494x352 c-03-5x7_DSC3869-494x352

First we cut off any loose material and spent some good time removing rust. We wanted to make sure no falling debris could hurt anyone as we continue to work on the Cab.

d-04-5x7_DSC3887-494x352 e-05-5x7_DSC3908-494x352

Once done we gave her a real good water pressure bath.  As a matter of fact we did this twice to get rid of as much “surface” salt spray as possible.

f-06-5x7_DSC4018-494x352 g-07-5x7_DSC4097-494x352

The salt environment has done its damage so we decided to coat her with red oxide primer to protect her from the elements and hold back deterioration.

h-08-5x7_DSC4042-494x352 i-09-5x7_DSC4053-494x352

Prepping for the red oxide took longer than we expected. The Cab is a real big structure. So far we’re half done and expect to finish soon.