Rehabilitation of the Ramey Air Traffic Control Tower



Work on the Ramey Air Traffic Control Tower has finally begun. Initial work is the removal of all asbestos and lead particles inside the Tower.


Engineer Lisandra Gomez, seen here on the left, is in charge of all “Air Quality Control” issues of the project. Lisandra mentions the asbestos removal is manageable but the previous “tests”, made inside the Tower, exasperated the lead dust issues caused by the several coats of leaded paint.

Foreman Pedro Loprena, seen here on the right, is in charge of the new elevator tower to be built. Without this “modern solution” the Tower would not have qualified to be ‘rehabilitated”.


It is expected all asbestos and lead issues will be resolved in about three months. At that time physical rehabilitation of the Tower will begin. A new state of the art “Tower Cap” will replace the older B-52 days “Cap”. Modern offices, shower and restrooms will be installed inside the Tower along with the external elevator.