Sea Cadets Dock At The Museum

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The Sea Cadets new recruits were training at the USCG Air Station Borinquen for the weekend. We gave them an open invitation to visit the Museum.

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The new recruits belong to different units around the Island. MOSCRIP Battalion from Ceiba (former Roosevelt Roads NAS), Mahan Division from Aguadilla, San German Division and the Caribbean Division. There were more units but were in active training and could not attend the Museum that day.


The Sea Cadets have always been available when asked to be involved in our activities. Their Honor Guard (seen here) is present during activities at the operational USCG Hangar. We are expecting their help with perimeter security during the RAFBHA Static Aircraft Display event this coming 2013.


Lt. Commander Nazario (seen here on the left) is in command of the Sea Cadets program in the Island. Her leadership is complemented by her excellent staff and unit leaders. Always present and giving 100% are the Cadet’s great parents.

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During the visit to the Museum we informed the Cadets of the broad history of the USAF at Ramey. This group of youngsters were very attentive and had quite a few questions.

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We were very pleased to acknowledge these young recruits and the organization they belong to.