A summary of the last day of the 2012 RAFBHA Reunion

We can’t believe this is the last day of the RAFBHA 2012 Reunion. 

What a day!

The morning started with a continental breakfast and Annual Meeting with every reunion attendee present. We had some great discussion. After the meeting, some of the group went shopping, some enjoyed the Founders’ Day Celebration in Old Town, and some drove to the top of Sandia Crest to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Albuquerque from almost a mile above the city. We started the evening with some heated bidding at the auction to raise monies for the museum and enjoyed a tasty banquet meal while being entertained by young flamenco dancers from a dance school. The guest speaker was incredibly knowledgeable and interesting. Duane Hughes is a Physicist and Atomic Weapons Historian who presented a gripping program about the Manhattan Project and the development of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And yes, there is an indirect connection to Ramey AFB. One of our RAFBHA members served at Ramey in the late 60’s with Colonel Tom Ferrebee, who was the bombardier on the Enola Gay. He was serving at Ramey in the 72nd Bombardier Wing as Deputy Commander for Maintenance. Also, did you know that the plane (Bockscar) that dropped the bomb on Nagasaki had only 7 gallons of fuel left when it landed?