We Did It

During the mid-60s, when the B-52Gs began a progression of serious modifications related to low-level flight, Bomb/Nav suddenly needed more space. The powers that be decided that Avionics should move their shop to a vacant warehouse a stone’s throw to the west. The problem was that it needed wiring for 117 and 220 VAC, both 60 and 400 Hz., plumbing, Air Conditioning, and major remodeling. Whether for security concerns or lack of skilled manpower, we learned that we would be doing the work ourselves.

Within our group of 19 we found a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician, and someone with a scant bit of heating/cooling knowledge—people to show the rest of us how.

Nearly 50 years have passed and I’m still amazed that we succeeded while keeping the bombers and tankers prepared for an ORI.