1939 Ramey Brats, you’re kidding!!!

Two sisters who live in the metropolitan area heard the Museum had information regarding the P.R. National Guard 65th Infantry Regiment while stationed at Borinquen Field.


We showed them a section of the Museum dedicated to the Coastal Gun Artillery which defended the base with their 155mm gun emplacements. These emplacements had been assigned to the 65th.


After a couple of hours Sonia and Ada went to their car and presented us with a stunning panoramic print of the initial 65th IR Company to arrive at Borinquen Field. In this picture was their father Sgt. Antonio Montes.


During 1939 the 65th had been assigned the mission of securing the newly acquired federal property in the northern area of Aguadilla known as Punta Borinquen. This area would become Borinquen Field/Ramey AFB.


The Montes family, daughters 3 and 5 of age, arrived at the field in 1939 while it was still a cane field. Borinquen Field became their home until 1945. They don’t remember much about the base except the beaches and the wonderful breeze.


Then it hit me like a ton of brick, Sonia and Ada are likely to be the very first Ramey Brats to be known. They are very proud of their father’s achievements and now walk with a little Ramey Brat swagger.