January                                 First Quarter     “The View from the Tower”

                                                      with 2022 reunion information


February                              Plan your 2022 Reunion trip to San Diego

                                                 Make flight plans and reservations



March                                       make sure you are counted!

                                              Mail 2022 Reunion registration         


March                               Special Issue of “The View From the Tower”


April                                           Finalize 2022 Reunion plans



May  3-7                                       San Diego 2022 RAFBHA Reunion

                                                         DON’T MISS IT!!!


June                                     MEMBERSHIP MONTH 

Membership Renewals due by June 30


June 30                                End of RAFBHA Fiscal Year


July                                       Third Quarter   “The View from the Tower”

                                                  Post-reunion edition – lots of pictures.


August                                  Canvas your friends and get a new member


October                                WATCH YOUR MAILBOX – Fourth  Quarter

                                                   “The View from the Tower”


November                           Shop the Museum Shop for  Christmas


December                           Merry Christmas