B-52 Cold War Navigator

Lori Mischke forwarded a message from our website. Pat Allen and his wife Ginger were going home to Ramey again.  After a few e-mails it was all set.01-5x72-300x214

Pat and Ginger arrived at the Museum right on schedule. This I’m sure to the fact that Pat was a      B-52 navigator while stationed at Ramey. I was so focused on Pat’s story that I forgot to take pictures of the Allen’s at the Museum. That’s a first for me!!!






Now to the Allen’s quarters. They lived mostly at Wing Road which is now in the USCG housing area. Arranged beforehand, Capt Phillips approved the visit and Lt. Mathews would lead the way.







Not only a grand tour of the housing area but a visit to the USCG Operational Hangar. A real treat to say the least.





Ginger has a story of her own. Her daughter is a Casino Baby.

Before living at Wing Road they lived at Marbella Calle A, outside Gate 1. Ginger was due around Pat’s 7 day stay at the Alert facilities. 7 days on 4 days off as Pat mentions. The neighbors were aware Pat might not be around for the occasion, no idea why, and helped out Ginger when the time came.

Pat has donated all his navigational items from his B-52 days to the Museum. He also burned a DVD with a narrative of the procedures of a SAC Alert Crewman with added images to boot. A real treat for the Museum to say the least.

This narrative will be incorporated into the Museum section of the RAFBHA website for all to enjoy.


We thank the Allen’s for sharing part of their life story with the rest of us. We wish the Allen’s all the best