Big Boy Scouts Pow-Wow at Ramey


The Boy Scouts had their 2012 Jamborette at the Alert Area grounds of good old Ramey AFB. They needed this huge area since they were expecting over 5,000 scouts and families to attend. Well… close to 7,000 attended making this the biggest roundup the Boy Scouts ever had at the Island.

ContactSheet-021-1024x772The Museum and WASCO were active participants in the event. Thru our network of contacts we had many organizations join the event. The USCG, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, National Guard, State Police and others.

The most important mission for the RAFBHA was helping the Scouts achieve their Aviation Merit Badge. Hundreds passed thru the Museum to obtain the history of Borinquen Field/Ramey Air Force Base. Part of the Aviation Merit Badge process is to put together a report of what they learned during their visit to our Museum. The Scouts take all Merit badge procedures very seriously.


With so much “volume” of Scouts eager to take advantage of the Museum facilities there was no way we could attend to them all. We concentrated on the troops living in the “east” side of the island. After school is out we will coordinate the visit of troops living in the “west” side so they can complete the process for the Aviation Merit Badge.


All our volunteers said present.  No way were they missing out on this big event. We all had a really good time and felt a real great sense of accomplishment helping out this great organization.

ContactSheet-06-1024x773 The Associations Museum continues to be actively involved in community events. By now our involvement has overpasses regional activities. The Museum is slowly evolving into an active island wide community partner. Were enjoying every moment of it. Go Ramey!!!