Flagpoles for the Museum

During a recent RAFBHA “Skype” Board meeting it was suggested the Museum was missing some flagpoles.

This proposal came from At Large member Fred Mischke to include the Associations “Spirit of Ramey” colors. A motion was presented and was passed unanimously.


Pedro “Pete” Garcia and Angel Galvan, both USAF retirees and Museum volunteers, hold the Museum Colors


At Large member Garred Giles volunteered to place the order and yours truly presented the “Spirit of Ramey” graphic artwork, provided by At Large member Robert Matheson, to the flag shop.

The reason to tell this story is to; once again, demonstrate the commitment of the RAFBHA Board Members to the growth, development and permanence of the Borinquen Field/Ramey AFB Museum. We couldn’t be in better hands.