Get Down And Give Me 20

The day had arrived for a pre- arranged visit by the Aguadilla CAP. We’ve been told this unit takes their sense of duty very seriously… they weren’t kidding.

The Aguadilla CAP, Detachment PR032, approached the Museum in an orderly military manner.


They did some drilling to get them focused before visiting the Museum. After the visit was over it was some good old PT for good matter. Their usual routine was reversed that day so they could enjoy the Museum.


b4-494x352   This no nonsense Detachment is bucking for the best CAP unit in the Island. Their first-class leaders are converting the PR032 into a first-rate unit.

ContactSheet-0041-494x176Once inside they were just themselves taking a break and absorbing the information all around them. You can tell they have“cohesion” between each other whether “on or off duty”. I am sure they will become the best CAP on the Island.