Doing a Great Job!

My goodness what a wonderful surprise!  The pictures and stories being shared on this website are going well beyond my expectations.  I click on “News Feed” and marvel at what I’m seeing.  I’m really enjoying the photos and descriptions you are uploading to the site.  I’m also enjoying viewing your profiles.  It is interesting to read when and how you served and being able to see a picture with your profile.  I see some of you are also using the messaging offered on the site. Excellent!

This site was set up to be accessible to members with the goal to collect your pictures, videos and stories which can then be viewed by others and preserved for future generations to enjoy.  Every picture, video, and comment you share becomes part of the RAFBHA database.  This information also becomes available for use in the excellent RAFBHA newsletter, View From The Tower, and the Borinquen Field – Ramey Air Force Base Museum.

So to all the members and followers of Ramey Air Force Base, keep sharing your pictures  and memories.  You are doing a great job and your efforts are much appreciated.