Help with Ramey Air Force Base Hospital Records

Back in October the following message was received:

From: Yvette Austin
Subject: Birth and Death Records

Message Body:
I was born at Ramey AFB july 3rd 1962 while my father was stationed
there. . I was a twin and was told my sister passed away after being
born. Where can I get any info on
where she is buried or any records ? I do know that the Dr who
delivered us was Cpt George Ball USAF MC. Any info would be great
..thank you !

I wrote back to Yvette and told her I would post her message to the website.   I don’t have an answer for Yvette, but perhaps someone following the website might be able to comment on this post and help her.  I have sent her the link to this post so she can follow along and also post her own comments as well.

Questions such as Yvette’s are fairly common and are probably the most frequently received from the contact form on this website .  I know there have been posts on the Ramey Facebook site regarding questions such as this, and someone (and Gerry I think it was you)  answered this question on Facebook.  

Yvette, if you are following this post, I hope we can get your question answered.