Yes, We Have No bananas Today

Our Daughter, Sophia, was born at the Ramey Air Force Base Hospital in April 1965. Several months prior to April, Barb, her mother, developed an uncontrolled taste for banana splits. So we visited the soft ice cream store that stood near the BX (I’ve forgotten the name of it) as often as we could. I suppose the clerk viewed her as a greater bother than she was worth, so much to her disappointment he began telling her he had no bananas.

After the second or third time she was turned away, I drove out to Paoli’s (spelling?) outside Gate 5 and bought a bunch and then headed back in for her banana split.

I was VERY pleased when he announced they didn’t  have any bananas.”

“You do now,” I said, whipping one out of my back pocket and sliding it toward him.

He was not amused. However, he got used to it. We always brought our own banana each time thereafter..