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President Chris

Cathy Talkington has photos to share of someone special! Here is what she sent!


Snorkel Diving at Ramey with Chris Talkington, 1968


Flight Control Shop with Chris Talkington and unknown airman, 1969


Barracks Party, 72nd AMMS, with Steve Dunham in white tee-shirt, 1968.


72nd AMMS “Hound Dog crew at barracks: Chris Talkington with hat, “Beanie” Brown kneeling, 1969.


Jobo Beach in 1968-wild and undeveloped.


Jobo Beach with 72nd AMMS Barracks Rats. From left: Chris Talkington, Skip Powers, Dave Sinor, Steve Dunham, J. Reynolds; 1969

Message Received

A message from Robert Lovelis received from the contact form on the Ramey website:

Message Body: I was in the USAF stationed at Ramey AFB from 1954 -1956. I was an ECM Operator (Electronic Counter Measures) on Major Robert O. Loyd’s RB-36 crew. I was in the 73rd Strategic Recon. Squadron, 72nd Bomb Wing. The RB-36, tail # 012, in the photo at the bottom of your home page , is the first RB-36 I ever flew on . In 1955, Loyd’s crew was selected to represent Ramey at the premier of the movie “Strategic Air Command” at a theater in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Each crew member was introduced to the audience. The same year Loyd’s crew was selected to represent Ramey at the SAC annual Navigation and Bombing competition at Travis AFB, Calif. This was a great time in my young life. I have a picture of this crew and some other photos of Ramey if you think they would be of interest.

-- This mail was sent via contact form on Ramey Air Force Base Historical Association

Flagpole Project Accomplished

The RAFBHA had committed placing Flagpoles at the Museum facilities. (see “Flagpoles for the Museum” article). I’m delighted to report this project has now been accomplished.

We want to give our thanks, not only to all the RAFBHA Board Members, but to Gerry Giles (Board At Large), Jorge Gonzalez (Museum Associate Director) and a superb WASCO Team. With all these “boots on the ground” there was no doubt the project would end as a “Mission Accomplished”.

Before we continue with our comments we must acknowledge a very special WASCO Team. The commitment by this crew, assigned to the Hangar where the facilities are located, was beyond commendable. They worked on and off the clock in order to see the colors flying at the Museum. They are the Museums silent volunteers which we couldn’t be without.

We must also bring up a very special mention for some very special individuals. Ruben, Edwardo and Benji Hernandez from Western Aviation Service Corporation. Their commitment to the RAFBHA is legendary and their continuous support for the Museum is second to none.

Kudos to you all !!!


Please excuse the photographic position of the flags supplied with this story. It was taken from the Museum side looking “outward”. After closing the Museum we started another project involving the “front side” of the Museum and did not want to give it away. At least not yet, so stay tuned ???!!!???