Message Received

A message from Robert Lovelis received from the contact form on the Ramey website:

Message Body: I was in the USAF stationed at Ramey AFB from 1954 -1956. I was an ECM Operator (Electronic Counter Measures) on Major Robert O. Loyd’s RB-36 crew. I was in the 73rd Strategic Recon. Squadron, 72nd Bomb Wing. The RB-36, tail # 012, in the photo at the bottom of your home page , is the first RB-36 I ever flew on . In 1955, Loyd’s crew was selected to represent Ramey at the premier of the movie “Strategic Air Command” at a theater in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Each crew member was introduced to the audience. The same year Loyd’s crew was selected to represent Ramey at the SAC annual Navigation and Bombing competition at Travis AFB, Calif. This was a great time in my young life. I have a picture of this crew and some other photos of Ramey if you think they would be of interest.

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