Marriott Ramey Base Restaurant

The Borinquen Field/Ramey AFB Museum continues to find ways to create awareness of our mission and keep our Museum exciting.

After another Museum visit by Eric Ruiz, Ramey Courtyard by Marriott Manager, it was agreed to have an exhibit of selected images at the Marriott’s RB Restaurant (Ramey Base Restaurant).We now have three huge picture/murals, on permanent display.


Front and center, as you enter the RB Restaurant, is an impressive 1943 aerial picture of Borinquen Field’s hangars and flight line.


Midway down the restaurant you will find a 1945 aerial image of Borinquen Field where the Stations Hospital (Marriott) is the focal point of the image


Last but not least, on the back wall of the restaurant,  a 1969 full aerial image of Ramey AFB where the alert area is seen packed with B-52 and KC-135.


The RB Restaurant Food and Beverages Manager Edwin Figueroa, seen here next to Museum Director Ricardo Busquets, mentions many view these images with great interest and become aware of the Museum facilities. We have met many who have been at the RB Restaurant and now visit the Museum to gather more information about Ramey.


A special Thank You to Eric Ruiz and Edwin Figueroa for coordinating this project. The RAFBHA and the Ramey Courtyard by Marriott continue to brainstorm ideas on how to improve our exposure and relationship.