Ramey AFB Was Their Happiest Years

A message received from the website….

My grandfather, Jacob Willis Paulk, was a meteorologist with the Air Force stationed at Ramey in the early to mid 50s. I know he was there from 54 until 58 because my father was born there.  Grandfather’s 80th birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I wondered if there was any way you might have a list of some of the men who served with him who might still be alive with some contact information. His house burned down several years ago, so we would love to be able to get a hold of some photos and memorabilia from his time at Ramey. He and my grandmother say it was among the happiest times of their lives.

This message was received from Jacob’s granddaughter.  Although we were unable to give her contact information, Museum Director Ricardo Busquets and Ramey AFB Historian Gerry Giles shared with her the following photos.

If you have any information that you would like to share about the photos or with the family, please reply to this post.