Ramey ATC Tower Update II


We continue to stay in touch with the rehabilitation our beloved Air Traffic Control Tower



The projects first stage seems to be on target. The removal of all contaminants, from the structure, should be finished by the end of December 2012. The “Air Quality Control Team” expects the targeted date to be met but mentions the EPA will have the final say whether to proceed to the next stage. Once the first stage is finished the AQCT personal will be on their way and different teams will arrive to continue rehabilitation.


We were welcomed by Quality Control Manager Eng. Lisandra Gomez (Top Left), Port Authority Rep. and Air Traffic Controller Arturo Morales (Bottom Left), Resident Inspector Eng. Rafael Torres Garcia (Bottom Right) an a very special Architect Eugenio Fernandez (Top Right).


We met Architect Eugenio Fernandez almost two years ago. At that time a modern working Tower was desired with funds assigned toward this goal. The Architect team asked the RAFBHA Museum for some historic pictures of the Tower which we provided. We also send them some images of the hangers under construction which they appreciated. This “project” never got off the ground and the Airport continued without a modern ATC Tower.

About four month ago I got a call from Architect Fernandez to inform us the Tower was due for Rehabilitation. Due to our previous conversations he knew how important the Tower was to the RAFBHA including our unfortunate failed attempt to have her added as a Historic Structure in the National Registry. He also was aware we wanted to save the Tower “Cap”.


The Construction and Architectural firm have no problem with donating the “cap” so it can be displayed in front of the Museum facilities. It also seems we will be able to salvage the “Spiral Staircase” for display on our future Museum Facility.

You can refer to our first “blog post” titled “Rehabilitation of the Ramey Air Traffic Control Tower” for previous information.

We will keep you informed as progress continues on our Historic ATC Tower